May 31, 2011

A Bit of Irony

I began work this morning at 6am.  Every Monday morning, there is catch-up work to be done since we are closed on weekends but we continue to receive handfuls of Prior Auth requests from a few offices, Urgent Care, and ER departments.  Of course this week, we were closed Memorial Day, so there was 3 days of work to do when I came in this morning.  I was working away on Saturday's requests when I came across an URGENT antibiotic request with no patient information, the rest of the form filled out in detail, and a lab report with just the patient's name which upon searching I discovered about 30 patient records, but without a DOB-sorry, I cannot begin to assume who this was for!  If it was sooooo URGENT, why not give me all the patient's information!!!!??????  Just asking.

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