May 25, 2011

New Obsession

We had a yard sale three weeks ago, and one of my neighbors cruised by on her Rat Pink cruiser bike (Remember Rat Fink? this was the girl version).  I am not a pink person, but it was a really cool looking bike.  I also observed a few other women on their cruiser bikes that day as they checked out my stuff.  Seeing the different cruiser bikes planted a seed in my mind and now, I really, really, really, want one of my very own.  I have a bike, it's a nice Trek mountain bike that I got for my 15th birthday, but it has some things that need to be done to it and I cannot ride it until it is fixed.  So I'm thinking we spiff it up, sell it, and I can get my cruiser bike!!!!! maybe?

I have done some research to determine what I would want in a bike when (if) I get one.  As is Murphy's Law, of course the brand of bicycle I want is on the more expensive end of the price range.  I think I am completely, utterly, unabashedly in love with Electra cruiser bicycles!!!!!  I cannot however narrow down which one I want.  They are all so beautiful and if/when the opportunity arises, I know I'm going to agonize over which one is perfect for me. 
Take a look for yourself:
Some of my faves:

Electra Butterfly in Yellow
Electra Blanc et Noir
Electra Orbit in Buttermilk
Electra Peacock
Electra Cherie 7i Damen, schwarz
Electra Cherie

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