May 18, 2011


So, I have been meaning to create a blog about the "other side" of healthcare, Prior Authorization.  As a dedicated fan of Dr. Grumpy, The Angry Pharmacist, Fast Food Pharmacy, and many others, I thought I'd better contribute the gems I deal with or forms I come across on a daily basis to provide balance (or some semblance of it) in the blog world.  I work for a Pharmacy Benefits Management company that administers Prior Authorization services for many health plans across the US. 

As much as I know how frustrating it is to submit a Prior Authorizations, (I've been on the pharmacy side prior to obtaining this position) it is frustrating on our end as well with offices that submit a blank form with only a drug listed, phone calls from adamant MDs/RNs/MAs/MAs or CNAs trying to be RNs/receptionists and the like.  Like you, we are not miracle workers/mind readers/magicians/swamis!  Therefore, I make my contribution.  My stories are true. The names and places of occurrence (if applicable) have been changed to protect the innocent/stupid/funny-you get the idea. If I entertain you, I’m glad. If I offend you, I’m sorry.  Welcome!

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