May 27, 2011

Birthday Wishlist

Just in case anyone is wondering, the following list has been compiled to answer the question I hear yearly (I hope): What would you like for your birthday?

  1. An amazingly indulgent, rich, joy-inducing cake or cupcakes
  2. A gift certificate for a pedicure-really!
  3. YARN!!!!!!!! To continue my knitting education by trying my hand at hats next
  4. Time to finish SoftballGirl's pajamas before summer gets here
  5. Bookshelves to house our growing collection of books and college textbooks
  6. A magic cancer-curing pill for all affected by the disease in its many forms
On a less than serious note, here is my "Fantasy Wishlist" for my less than realistic wishes
  1. A vacation house in Monterey
  2. An Audi A6 3.0
  3. The winning Lottery ticket for the next Mega Million jackpot
  4. My very own beautiful Friesian-I have always wanted one (it's a horse)
  5. An Electra Bike; Please see my previous post for my faves
  6. Anonymous benefactor who funds my sewing, knitting, home decorating/outfitting, and horse interests. . . . .or see #3
  7. Mediterranean Vacation on a cruiseship

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