May 24, 2011

FDA, what do they know?

FunnyMan just had a conversation with an MD regarding Zyprexa, (an atypical antipsychotic) denial.  He brought the interesting nature of his conversation to my attention. 

Here are his edited notes:
MD does not care what FDA says (in regards to being told of the FDA indicated age).  Told her to appeal (Expedited, as she deemed the situation urgent).  No changes at this time. 
Of Note: The abundant use of the word "bull****" was present and phrases such as "I couldn't care what the FDA says", "I know what works", "I am tired of spending 4 hours everyday on Prior Authorization bull****" (to which I apologized for her frustration and again reinforced the Appeals avenue) and other expressive statements were issued from the provider during the conversation.  The provider also issued the usual statement that the member will be hospitalized if Zyprexa was not approved.

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