Jun 1, 2011

A Rant on our Server/Tips

I just wanted to take this time to give my opinion as a hungry, paying customer.  When I go out to eat with Mr.CooksALot, I'd like to have a relatively non-irritating experience free of odd mannerisms, horrific smelling perfume/cologne, and a feeling of being rushed.  The preceding information may not come as a surprise to you, however, when we went out to lunch yesterday, our server was very abrupt, she was wearing a vomitous smelling perfume or lotion, and she really seemed a bit "off". 

Upon asking what we'd like to drink, we both asnwered we wanted to start with water.  Mr.CooksALot asked me if I wanted an appetizer while she was still standing there and as soon as I said, "um", she took off like a shot before I even got out another word.  I looked across teh table and was confused.  It did turn out that we didn't want an appetizer after all, but it was the principle of the action that bugged me.  She came back with our waters, asking if we were ready to order.  We told her what we wanted and she walked away.  Mr.CooksALot pointed out the sweet potato fries with Szechuan chili spiked ketchup which sounded oh so delicious to me, so he walked over to the computer she was punching our order into and asked if she would add that to our order.  You would swear by her reaction that he jumped out of nowhere and tried to grab her like a kidnapper.  She was even turned slightly toward him so he had to have been in her peripheral vision.

Every time she walked past or up to our table, I got a whiff of her nasty, vomitous scented perfume or whatever she was wearing and I tried to lean away from her so as not to show my distaste in her choice of scents. (I CANNOT hide my impressions/feelings, my face tells on me all the time)  She also smiled a lot (good) with her eyes wide open making her look a bit deranged (bad!!!).

Another server brought out our food and literally, right as she walked away, our server came up to our table asking if everything tasted good.  I seriously wanted to ask her if she had any observation skills, because our forks were still wrapped up in our napkins, WE   DON'T   KNOW  YET!!!!!!!!  Instead, we told her it looked good and as she walked away, Mr.CooksALot and I just looked at each other confused.

Once we had finished, she came by asking if we wanted to order dessert.  I told her maybe and she mentioned there were some "lighter options" toward the bottom of the menu.  As I am trying to be conscious of what I put in my mouth, and how many calories it contains, I took a look at the menu and to my disgust the lowest calorie Mini Delight listed was 840 calories-what???????  I looked at these choices and wondered, what is going into these MIni Delights to make them such huge calorie bombs?  I showed Mr.CooksALot and he was shocked as well.

For us, going out to eat together is a big deal, it doesn't happen too often as we usually cook at home.  I know your birthday is a time to splurge, (yes, it was my birthday Monday)but when the menu item doesn't look like it's worth it, I say forget it and move on.  We went to see Pirates of the Carribbean on Stranger Tides afterwards, and I got my dessert.  Reese's Pieces.  Yum!

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