Jun 8, 2011

Do Your Job yourself!

Snort just looked over at me and said, "Get this, we got an (insanely expensive antibiotic) request and the MD office wrote on the form that we need to contact the patient's case manager for the Culture and Sensitivity Report which outlines what medications the bacteria is susceptible to.  Um, that is the provider's job, not ours.  If asking for a Prior Authorization, you must provide the documentation required! 

I don't care who has it, get it, and fax it along with your request so we can determine whether this drug is unquestionably appropriate, or if other cheaper drugs would treat the patient's infection.  I don't want to hear that soft tissue infections cannot be cultured, I know that is a line of BS and you are wasting our time!

On an unrelated note, don't call me to ask if I will call the pharmacy, you could have called them yourself.  But instead of calling them, you called me, to call them.  Does this sound productive?  I didn't think so.

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