Jun 22, 2011

Things that drive me nuts

I was catching up on some local news via my beloved Yahoo! homepage this morning when I found an article about 4 idiots who decided to go rafting without life jackets, they overturned, and were clinging to a tree in hopes they would not drown.  Some bystanders had to call EMS to rescue them, they were all rescued, and walked off unharmed.  Here's where I want to scream because anyone with a brain in their head would realize the following:
  1. We had some unusually large amounts of snowfall in the mountains this winter 
  2. now the snow is melting, feeding the rivers 
  3. melting snow is still cold, therefore, the river is colder=more deadly
  4. rafting on an unusually swollen, exponentially swifter river may not be a good idea=bad idea, likely deadly
  5. we have no life jackets=bad idea!!!!!!!
The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me.  Now, these idiots will (likely) be telling their story to family, friends, etc. and still may not realize just how lucky they are to be alive.  Or maybe they will.  In any case, it pissed me off.

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