Jun 2, 2011


As of Tuesday, I feel miserable.  It all started in the middle of Pirates of the Carribbean on Stranger Tides.  I was enjoying the movie next to Mr.CooksALot when it began.....my nose began to run.  My throat had been scratchy the previous few days and that was going away apparently so my nose and sinuses could torture me.  So, I have been blowing my nose, thereby inducing a lovely red glow on my nostrils,  dabbing at my ever watering eyes which periodically burn and ache, and enduring throbbing sinuses since Tuesday night.  This nonsense is wearing me out! 

My trusty cetirizine and hydroxyzine are not rescuing me, the allergens are too powerful.  Worst of all, I can hardly taste food and I LOVE FOOD, it isn't enjoyable unless you can taste it!  I did try to see if eating jalapeno bread would help but alas, it did not.  All I got out of it was a slight burn in my mouth-but I couldn't taste the hot jalapeno goodness.  The only thing I have been able to taste today is vanilla yogurt and 2 spoonfuls of peanut butter at 5:18am this morning.  This is very disappointing.  I may have to seek out some Pho later to help my plight.  I won't hold my breath that I'll be able to taste it either. :0(

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