Jun 27, 2011

I'm dreading this day (if it comes)

Sometime in the fairly near future, three people from a health plan I deal with will be coming to visit so I can train them on a process I do for them daily so they can take it over. (YAY to taking it over!  I hate this task)   I am however dreading meeting one of the three people because this person is so very oblivious to so much! 

I become rather irritated as a result of some email exchanges where apparently the brain is elsewhere in the universe while the hands type amazingly stupid statements or questions.  Sometimes I am accused of being a liar in a roundabout way.  The word itself doesn't get used, thank God, because a funeral would need to be planned for this person because I will not take that crap from anyone!  As it is, I feel like I may need a medicinal intervention as prophylaxis so I don't flip out during conversations with this person and inadvertently unleash my pent up frustrations, getting myself in trouble.

This trip may not occur (I hope, I hope, I hope!) and I may be spared direct contact after all, or not.  I am a very professional person, but this individual may negate this quality in me, or, I may excel and never let on how much stress, anger, and desire to bash the empty cranium against the wall I have felt up to that point.

My reaction to the email communication with this person has continually entertained my co-workers who just laugh when I vent my frustration to them. (I'm a talker when I'm ticked off)  Maybe there will jsut be more fodder for amusement, I don't know, but, I'm dreading this training session more than I can express.

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