Aug 31, 2011

Fresh Meat

We have been increasingly busy, so we are hiring in my department.  Only the reviewers' numbers are growing, we have nobody new in my part of the department and we're barely keeping our heads above water so to speak.  We need at least two people as of a month ago!  There is always a lag when it comes to filling the jobs for triage so we get screwed.  To my knowledge, we have held two interviews and we need someone (or two) in less than a month or we're all gonna flip out.  Here's what I wanna know: if we have to enter everything into the system, then send the letter after it's reviewed and a decision has been reached, (that's touching each PA twice so double work) why, why, why don't we already have the process accelerated?  AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

The End.

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