Aug 19, 2011

Dresses, work, and kid stuff

Dresses:  I just made two in the span of two lunch breaks from yesterday and today.  I have to get one more thing done for one of them but the other I did start to finish in less than an hour.  I'm felling pretty accomplished as far as my dressmaking is concerned.

Work: Overloaded!!  stressed!!  So glad it's Friday today!

Kids: Start school on Monday, are bugging me to go shopping for a jillion items that they don't know if they even need yet in addition to those we know are yearly staples like binders, erasers, folders, etc.  While I like shopping in general, I am half dreading this shopping trip tomorrow.  I get tired of the "I want, I want, I want!"  gibberish.  I always fire back with "we're focusing on You Need, you need, you need" first!  I also really dislike navigating the mob inevitably stationed in the Back to School Zone, I just want what the kiddos absolutely need, and get out unscathed. 

Since it's going to be summer until about mid-October, I'm not concerned with getting any winter clothes until absolutely needed (aka not right now)  Shoes are a big deal.  Mousie loves shoes like her momma so is particular, and isn't always receptive to what I suggest, which is ironic since I have pretty darn good taste in shoes of all sorts.   I combine my taste in shoes with practicality too, so we don't do super trendy, dumb to have in a kid's size type shoes like high-heeled boots, jelly sandals, wedge sandals (reserved only for home/going places, not school).  SoftballGirl is easier, but still picky, and inevitably wants shoes that aren't totally necessary for school.  That's ok, I always want shoes I don't always need too.

Lord help me survive school shopping this weekend!

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