Aug 8, 2011

Back from my Vegas Vacation

I spent Sunday through Friday last week in Las Vegas.  I saw some things I have never seen before and you may not have experienced this yourself.

  1. On the way there, pouring rain in the desert: doesn't absorb into the earth very quickly, it puddles, creating flooded areas
  2. Also on the way, an almost completely flattened top half of a Ford Explorer that rolled several times due to bad driving in the rain!
  3. A really trashy looking woman on Fremont St. (downtown) dressed as a pirate wench, with the largest bosom (like a shelf) just barely covered at the um, "headlight" area.  Many men were drooling as they stared, I almost barfed.
  4. An extremely talented spray paint artist-he created some really amazing artwork using spray paint, a crumpled up napkin, a plastic pitcher lid, and a makeup sponge. 
  5. Innumerable women brazen enough to wear a bikini with all their rolls/jiggly bits/cellulite showing.  I have heard of this, and now I can say I witnessed it everyday by the pool. (dry heave) I even saw one woman who had laid out in the sun, complain that she had lines between her rolls that didn't tan. (should've been covered then!)
  6. Women strolling down the Strip in super high heels, barely there dresses, and complaining how their feet hurt.  Um, use your brain, get some tennies dumb ass!
Overall, we had lots of fun.  We went to the Ethel M Chocolate factory and cactus garden, Hoover Dam, Lied Children's Discovery museum, GameWorks-good food and lots of games!, hung out by the pool most afternoons, wandered through some of the hotels, ate at Hash House A-Go-Go-yummmyyyyyyyyyy, got unknowingly chased then stopped by security at one of the downtown hotels because the kids were in tow and they don't allow kids in the casino-we were only there for the 0.99 cent shrimp cocktail!

We took pictures in front of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, practically coughed and wheezed our way through the Excalibur on our way to the Luxor, wandered the Cosmopolitan-very sparkly and had some great sculptures, went to Hard Rock hotel ate at Mr. Lucky's (great steak & shrimp special for $7.77 not listed on menu), took lots of pictures of all the music memorabilia, updated our gambling cards-but didn't gamble.  All in all, it was tons of fun and I can't wait to go back-without the kiddos.

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