Jul 28, 2011

MD Nonsense

I got a call from an office today that ended in a disgruntling conversation.  The Medical Assistant calls me stating the doctor wants to discuss a denial we issued on a patient.  I look up the information and lo and behold, they want a narcolepsy drug that doesn't treat ADHD for a patient with ADHD.  I don't have any idea why on earth the MD would want this drug, it doesn't make sense, and is not FDA approved for this indication.  We of course, denied it for off-label use.  If the FDA doesn't approve it, we don't either.

The MD calls back ticked off and they want to speak with the reivewer, who is (hands flying to both cheeks in shock) NOT A Medical Doctor but a Doctor of Pharmacy!!!!!!  What is the world coming to????  Apparently FunnyMan's doctorate is not good enough for Mr. MD.  Oh, well!  His pharmacological knowledge eclipses yours jackass, deal with it! 

I asked FunnyMan if he queried the doctor as to why a PharmD isn't as good as an MD.  His reply: Delusions of grandeur...why bother.

My impression: good call, good call.

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