Jul 18, 2011

Weekend Whining/Grumbling

We hosted a birthday party this weekend for one of our girls and inevitably some drama took place.  I have one sibling-in-law that cannot mind their manners and makes scenes over stupid crap.  True to form, a mini-scene was performed in the dining room for everyone to see, and the climax occurred in the middle of the street for all the neighbors to see. 

(sigh, shaking head) 

It's a child's birthday party, can't you just mind your manners you insensitive yet overly sensitive, self-absorbed, negativity driven, overly critical, big-mouth person?  A simple request made of every parent who was there is not a stab at you or your children.  We love your kids, we always have and will.  It wasn't specific to you, but your world doesn't work like that I guess.  All I can say is thank God you left and decided not to return, you spared us and the rest of the guests your needless, childish, reactionary bullshit.

Stupid ass. (a quote from my mother-in-law)

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