Jul 22, 2011

Love/Hate fabric stores

When it comes to sewing, I am pretty new to it.  Still learning the difference between certain fabrics so need some guidance as I go along.  Of late, I have a particular urgency when it comes to obtaining fabric that I want.  We're taking a trip to GamblingVille and I want to make a few dresses for my trip.  I got impulsive, and here's what happened:

I went to a nearby fabric store and asked an employee where to find the various types of jersey fabric (there are several so wasn't sure where to look)  I was directed to matte jersey only and was told that was the only one she was aware of.  There was only solid colors and it was too see-through for my taste.  I asked another person, who it turns out was brand-spankin' new, and knew less than I did about different fabrics.  So she asks the same lady I already talked to who of course, gave her the same answer.  Being that my trip is looming, I want fabric, I have dresses on my agenda.  So, since I wasted my whole lunch hour, I came back to work and promptly browsed fabric.com, ordered my fabric, and discovered it takes up to 48 hours to ship, and 4-5 days to arrive.  Crap.  I could have driven a bit further to another fabric store the next day, gotten what I wanted, and I could've been able to begin my dresses this week.  But, I got good deals so crossed my fingers that my fabric would come fairly quickly.  Had I just gone to that store, I wouldn't be griping right now.  Grrrrrrrr.....

Yesterday, as I anxiously checked my email for a shipping confirmation, I discovered that one of my fabrics was out of stock and I had 24 hours to let them know if I wanted to substitute another or leave it off.  I called STAT, waited on hold for a good 15 minutes to have a 3 minute conversation which ended with the rep telling me my fabric would ship out Friday (today).  I told her that I was really needing it ASAP but that did me no good, she wasn't handling it personally. 

So, here I am anxiously awaiting my package that likely won't get here until next Thursday, which leaves me 3 days (during/after work only) to make 3 dresses, and pack for 3 people.  Maybe I will dial-down my ambition and just do what I can.  Imagine that!  We'll see what happens.

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