Aug 24, 2011

Annoyances on multiple levels (Caution I'm talking bugs!) :0{

So, school is off to a good start, the kids like their new teachers, and are getting back into the daily routine of going to school.  So far, so good with one exception: It was discovered that our kiddos have lice on Sunday.  The SILs' kids have lice too.  We all treated like crazy, all wondered where it came from, and how long they have had this issue.  As far as we're concerned (hubby and I), it doesn't really matter where it came from specifically, who had it first and spread it, what matters is that it is treated immediately and the various household items exposed get vacuumed/treated thus eliminating the issue. 

We're not pointing fingers, but I guess it goes back to the childhood saying, "Whoever smelt it dealt it" therefore, we saw it first so it must have come from us.  Following the discovery, there have been comments made to my nephew about our home, comment to me "he was sitting on your couch", messages on the answering machine "they seem to be increasing on my daughter, are they increasing on yours?"  Um, no, I have been diligently checking twice daily and pulling off any nits I see remaining.  I have been working very hard to wipe out this crap ASAP.

It's maddening enough that we are on "Lice Alert", constantly thinking about it, wondering if we were thorough enough, asking eachother to check scalps, etc.  But it is 10 times worse when two family members blame their infestations on us and are concrete in their assumption. 

I say, think about where you have been, there is a possibility your kids got it first and gave it to my kids.  Who knows?  That's fine, it happens.  But don't go pointing fingers at me and my kids as if we are some sort of *%#$@!>?"{}+_ lice nursery that swallowed your kids up and spit them out infested.  I'm over it.  The next time I talk to either one of them, if they start in again, I'm giving the phone to MrCooksALot, he will gladly tell them off.  Hmph!

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