Aug 15, 2011

Weekend Craziness and discovery

This weekend was an "adventure".  It was a learning experience in multiple ways.  On one hand, we discovered the joy of grilled potato salad, it is so yummy!!!!  On the other hand, we learned that sometimes helping out family can be a pain, and can end up becoming way more than just helping.  This will not be happening again, we have learned our lesson. (I think) ;0) 

Potato salad is just brought up a whole 'nother level if you marinate the potatoes an hour in olive oil and whatever seasonings sound good, grill the potatoes instead of boil them, then add them to typical potato salad dressing with whatever veggies you like.  We used red potatoes instead of russet, and man were they good!  Once you go grilled, you won't want to go back.

Southern Breeze cocktails are one of my new favorites thanks to our poolside bar at the hotel we stayed at in Las Vegas.  Mr.CooksALot was smitten with this new discovery as well, declaring that we must make them once we got home.  So upon returning home, I got some sweet tea vodka, Southern Comfort, and lemonade so we could continue to enjoy our newfound drink.

We helped out a family member by hosting a party for her son's birthday, he is turning 15.  Her situation is shaky right now so we (along with my hubby's parents) said we'd help.  Plus, our house is more spacious and better equipped to host 16 for dinner.  We were the hosts, but were expected to do the menu, and all the detail planning.  She originally asked if we could do it Saturday, we said fine.  She calls us Thursday, states she's going out of town for 2 days with her kids, the party is now on Sunday.  We were puzzled, but agreed.  We made the potato salad, did all the cooking, others brought things to contribute as well.  She calls me at 1:15 yesterday, asking what time it starts (???????) and if they arrive at 4pm if that is too late.  I about lost it but politely told her 4pm was no problem, we're getting everything ready.  We reminded eachother we're doing this for her son, not for her.  The party went off really well, we cooked up a storm and all enjoyed it immensely.  Yay!  Luckily, this family member tackled the hill of dishes that was building in my sink and thanked us profusely for hosting the party for her son.

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