Aug 10, 2011

My Daily Daydream

I want to learn something the exact same way Trinity did in the Matrix movies; I want to learn how to MMA fight so I can use those lovely skills to clobber a certain person.  I know that kicking someone's butt isn't a reasonable solution to a problem, it isn't productive, nothing gets solved, but it does allow you to work off some stress.  (there is always an up-side to everything!) 

Snort is an idiot, I have to fix his glaringly obvious mistakes, and he needs a good ass-whoopin'.  We all overlook some information periodically by mistake, but he just does not read!  Ugh!  I inevitably get the phone calls from the pharmacy or the MD office as the result of his seemingly growing mistakes that are easily prevented if.....he.....would.....just.....READ the medication request form!!!!!!!!

He's lucky I'm not the supervisor, he'd be gone by now.  He better count his blessings and shape-up because, I'm going to verbally go postal on him if he doesn't quit it!

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