Sep 6, 2011

Ah, September.....and some other crap

I love Fall!  There is something about September through December.  I really love this part of the year.  (we're far from feeling like Fall here, but that's ok, I can jump in the pool) Granted, my favorite holidays are during this period of time, but I think it is more than that.  I love the change of weather, change of tree colors, school events, the county fair in October, my wedding anniversary,  and the air seems cleaner, more refreshing. 

The weather also reminds me of our favorite place in the whole wide world: Monterey, CA.  I love, love, love Monterey!  When I open the windows every morning, if I feel a nice chilly breeze and the air smells fresh and clean, I tell Mr.CooksALot that it's a "Monterey Day".  Yep, I love Monterey.  That is our "happy place", it never gets old.  We got married there, and spend most of our anniversaries there partaking in the Great Wine Escape Weekend.  I highly recommend exploring the wines of Monterey, very satisfying, the wineries/wine estates are beautiful, and the wines are tasty!  Although we live in a lesser-known wine region, I am way more informed on the wines from the Monterey area!  Ironic, I know.  I will explore the local wines more, I should, it is my duty.

Here's the other crap: 
My kids have been re-treated for lice, they are in the clear (yay!)  For two weeks, I have been the "Lice Nazi" checking hair twice daily, washing sheets often in hot water, vacuuming like crazy, and thinking about it constantly, hoping for a quick eradication.  I however, just discovered Monday morning that I became "inhabited" at some point.  I was sitting on my bed, watching NFL Network with Mr.CooksALot, and I felt something moving in my hair.  I fervently hoped that it wasn't what I was dreading, I asked Mr.CooksALot to check my hair, and he looked at me with this look like, "Noooooooooo"!  He checked my scalp, asked me some questions to help identify, and confirmed what I was feeling was indeed lice.
(screaming incredulously inside)
How can it be, I was careful, I was on constant alert, we kept our distance just in case!  Why?!?!

So, off to CVS I sped to get a big bottle of lice shampoo, I treated myself, and very graciously, Mr.CooksALot went through my long, thick hair in tiny sections with that lice comb, ridding me of my acquired scourge.  He originally stated that he had 10 minutes to spare before the next football game came on.  I told him that there was no way in hell he could get it done in 10 minutes so he better just deal with it.  Once he finished, a little over 2 hours later, I looked like Mufasa from Lion King, I was really fluffy! 

I now look like I have fried my hair, it feels kinda like straw, and is very frizzy.  If you are a woman, you know this is not a good thing.  Conditioner is my very good friend, my hair is thick, wavy, long, and not being able to use any for 48 hours really sucks!  I may have to cut some of my hair off for my own sake as well as Mr.CooksALot so he doesn't have so much length to go through when it's time to re-treat.  What an experience this has better be the first and last.

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