Sep 21, 2011

Packing up my desk

So, due to the newbies joining our stafff on Monday, I am packing up my crap and moving to a different desk in the corner of the department.  Apparently, this is to ensure more accessibility for one of them due to the location.  Now, I agreed to change desks a couple months ago,  as I don't like the orientation of my setup, but I'm a little hung up on the accessibility issue.  I'm moving 2 cubicles away, an equivalent of 15 or so feet away from my current desk, and within my department's area in the building. 

What exactly do they need that allows my current desk to provide better access?

Only a few things come to mind:
  • The copy machine that isn't typically going to be used by a newbie for awhile.
  • The Clinical Pharmacy staff-but we have phones to call them/legs to walk over to them and talk to them
  • MastiffLady's office but she likely won't be coming out of it much anyway, so what's the benefit?
  • The Lunch Room (?) they'd be about 6 steps closer than I will be once I move to the corner
  • the Restroom-again, maybe about 14 steps closer as the ladies' is further away than the men's
Regardless, it's just a silly statement that doesn't really mean anything-and I got hung up on that one piece of information.  Like a pitbull, I am.


  1. If you're going to a corner, is one of the newbies maybe wheelchair bound, making corners difficult?

  2. Nope, neither is wheelchair bound. Still scratching my head on this one but I like my little corner now that I'm here.


So what are your thoughts?