Oct 3, 2011


Last week, GreenGirl and I began training the newbies: GuitarGuy and Youngin'.  So far, so good; they are picking up their new roles pretty quickly with Youngin' being the faster of the two.  GuitarGuy is slower and more methodical, but is doing pretty good. 

I had to tell (demand actually) the newbies to ignore Snort's directions to leave certain information off when they triage as GreenGirl and I did not teach them that way, therefore, it is incorrect.  I must admit we're getting pretty annoyed by Snort, he isn't training (thank God!) so doesn't get a say in how they need to make changes, but tries to give them insight anyway.  We told them that if they want to listen to him instead that they shouldn't be surprised if they are presented with a stack of errors they made which may or may not threaten their newfound positions.  It's their choice.

On another note, Mastiff Lady came into the department (gasp) 4-5 times since Tuesday last week, that's been different.  She comes into our section of the department too infrequently preferring to stay in her office.  Not terribly exciting from a reader perspective, but from my perspective, she at least knows we're at our desks and physically here.

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