Oct 6, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

Now that October is here, we are increasingly busy in general, but have added a new health plan to the mix and they are fairly large.  GuitarGuy and Youngin' are doing pretty good, but aren't on phones yet :0( so the rest of us have our phones periodically ringing off the hook all day.

I had an urgent request earlier that I knew we were going to deny due to off label use but the MD office was adamant this was an emergency, so I complied and took the information over the phone.  I had it reviewed urgently so the office could take another course of action for the patient.  I am fervently hoping they don't call back to chew me out.  Offices in this situation usually do call back but hopefully they chew out Snort instead.  We shall see.

Speaking of Snort, he's trying to be "mentor-ish" to the newbies but I have to wonder, how does a stupid moron mentor the new hires?  He doesn't read everything, he blazes through triage making errors all the time, and acts like he's the "PA God" and is infallible.

GreenGirl and I let it slip to GuitarGuy how much we really dislike Snort.  We didn't say much, no details or anything, but just made a general statement....I know we shouldn't sway any opinions, we're not trying to, but if they're going to be a part of the team, I guess they should know the internal source of our frustrations.  We periodically make vague comments regarding frustration to each other after a call where we had to fix one of his errors & they look at us a little strangely.  Whatever.

On another note, I find it interesting how someone's reputation that precedes them can be turned on it's head once that person is a part of your company.  I mean this in a good way though I know it can be the opposite as well.  In my case, it is the former.  GuitarGuy had a reputation as an arrogant, woman-loathing, jerk according to a source from his previous company.  In my experience training him, he has had fleeting moments when speaking of his experience prior to working here, but is a pretty humble guy (so far), and seems to treat GreenGirl and I with much respect.  I guess time will tell & we'll see if he reverts back to previous behavior.

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