Nov 21, 2011

Been Gone too long

It's been a month since I've posted and I missed doing it.  I have been crazy busy at work, doing overtime every day, and generally being the information outlet for what seems like a gazillion patients, MD offices, pharmacies, and health plans.  I come home dead tired, and have no inclination to much more than dinner, homework with the kiddos, dishes, and sleep.  I am recording 4 different TV series because I'm just too tired to watch at the time they are scheduled to air.

WE NEED HELP!!!!! It's out of my hands but each and every one of us would love to scream it.  I guess busting our asses catching up is better than sitting around twiddling our thumbs right?  But seriously, we all need more rest.....and appreciation.  Did you hear that managment team?

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